Do You Make These Mistakes In Your Leadership Training?

Leadership Training: Better Than An MBA?

If you plan on increasing the top line and the bottom line of your business then you’ll want to invest in training your leaders. Business owners currently have several alternatives available in the area of management training.

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Many universities offer evening executive MBA programs; provided you have excellent current managers you can utilize on the job training; and, several seminars and workshops are available in most major cities.

Recently, a reasonable number of high-quality online “universities” have been developed to deliver leadership training and management training.

There is a clear relationship between the best businesses in an industry and the ones that have the best managers and leaders employed.

How To Solve Almost Anything In 5 Steps

The 5 Whys methodology is a great problem-solving technique that anyone can employ.

Almost nothing goes according to plan. Almost everything takes a path we did not expect and… Sometimes we have to figure out what went wrong so we don’t do it again. Not many of us are going to install the full-blown Toyota Production System anytime soon. But, there is one aspect of it that has wide applicability for all of us.


The 5 Whys methodology is a great problem-solving technique that anyone can employ.

Although it’s not intended to be the end all and cure all, it is a technique I suggest you use to help solve the very next problem you face. It involves asking “why” over and over again until you get to the root of the reason the problem happened. Once you know the root cause, the solution is often much more clear.

By the way, if you have a young child nearby, you don’t really have to read this article. Just ask them why they are always asking “why” and you will know the secret.

Are You Ignoring How Your Customer Service Can Double Revenue?

Have everyone in your organization represent your company like an owner

Most companies leave sales to the sales force and customer service to the customer service team. That is a recipe for a expensive screw up.

Everybody in your organization makes direct customer contact. Each worker, from the president and other officials to craftsmen, sales folk, accounting staff, and service crews.

Each single contact anyone in your organization has with its customers either reinforces or corrodes the organization’s entire relationship with your customers. That includes each invoice you send, each ad you run, and each telephone call you make or receive.

How well are you coaching all of your staff to cultivate your clients all of the time?

Poor At Delegation? You Are Not Alone

Do you want to work less and have more time? Listen up!

You surely know that delegating work to others is a excellent and suitable way to save bunches of time, prioritize your own agenda and to concentrate on what are the “vitals” of what you should be doing. Knowing when and the way to delegate well is the secret to being successful at it.

Delegation Concept

First, what does it mean to delegate? It is when you temporarily allow another to assume an area of your own responsibility. Note, it is a temporary assignment not a permanent one.

Next, are you successful at delegating roles in your life and work? If not, what gets in the way of successful delegation?

Is A Position Description The Same As A Job Description Or Not?

Everyone needs to know exactly what is expected of them.

Position descriptions and job descriptions are slightly different. Let me explain. A position description reflects the duties, goals, compensation, reporting structure, and other matters relating to a specific position. There is no person connected with a position description.


A job description relates to the duties performed by an individual person. Think about this way. Many of us have small businesses. When you are running a lean and mean organization many people are expected to hold down one, two or even more positions.

What Is The Best Way To Handle Business Problems?

Three Steps To Solve Big Issues On Your Own

I don’t like dealing with business problems any more than anyone else. If I had my way completely, I would simply dispose of them, but that’s kind of messy. Besides not all obstacles can be extirpated. Some are best dealt with in more subtle ways using a little finesse.

Do Not Always Use The Same Approach

I think my dad told me…

“If I can’t solve a problem directly, I try to go around it, and if I can’t go around it, I try to get under it, and if I can’t get under it, I try to go over it, and if I can’t go over it, I just plow right through it.”

That’s the philosophy I like to use and here is how to do it:

Unrequested Advice Is Unwelcome Criticism

How to reduce the unproductive chatter of "Quickdraw Critics"

Are you excited about getting unwelcome criticism? Most probably you aren’t. Unfortunately, there are several people around you that are extremely ready to offer you some.

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The way in which it works is like this. Somebody says something negative to you. Maybe it is your appearance, your work product, or maybe just some random comment you made. It might be something similar to, “You know those shoes don’t go with that outfit?” Maybe in a meeting it’s a straightforward “That will never work” statement without any farther clarification or amplification.

They spout out something negative and move on or just sit there with a goofy smile on their face.

Steps To Create A Culture Of Winning

Most of the time it simply evolves over time—Design it instead

Every company has a culture. Most of the time it simply evolves over time. That is to say, it is a default culture. If you are lucky, that default culture will be the one you want, or at least can live with.

Winning is Not An AccidentA much better strategy is to determine the culture you want and then take specific steps to make it a reality.

But I imagine that you, like any business owner, know it is much easier said than done. How do you get great outcomes and results while also creating an environment people actually want to work in?

Leading From The Front And Staying Safe

Learning Leadership by Playing Games

By all accounts leadership is a skill which can be learned by nearly anyone with the right aptitude. We certainly have demonstrated that to be true with in our various coaching and mentoring activities and our management training programs.

It’s also true that no one can be a highly effective manager unless they have finely honed leadership skills. However, the opposite is actually not true. One can be in extremely fine leader with no management responsibility at all. And, your business will be likely performing at a higher level if the number of leaders exceeds the number of managers.

We also believe it’s very important for leaders to be able to think prior to acting. In general, a leader is expected to understand the entire situation in order to be in a position of leading others. No one will follow a leader that does not know the terrain for very long.

Why I am in favor of leadership games.

For that reason we’re in favor of the concepts like day dreaming, meditation, regular breaks and relaxation. Gameplaying, including the online or electronic variety, can be very therapeutic and frequently helps in developing leaders.

Why The Competition Is Eating Your Lunch

So, what's the best way to close sales?

Everyone seems to look for the silver bullet, the short cut, the easy way. Being a sales coach, I have seen every extreme of talent, technique and methods when talking to professional sales people.

By way to illustration, a commercial printer rep was the classic “show up to throw up” sales person. His sales strategy incorporated coming to my office with literally boxes full of his best work. He then proceeded, till I cut him off twenty minutes later on to ask him to tell me why his print shop was the best and how he was the most reasonable price in the town.

The thing is… he never basically asked me what I required or what problem I had. Of course, he did not get the sale.

Amish baling Hay

This sounds like an extraordinary example, but sadly, its rather common-place. Sales is a unclean word to the majority of people. Why? Well let’s accept it—there are a large amount of bad sales folk out there. They come and gab your ear off about why they’re the most practical solution without taking a single moment to determine your requirement—if any.